Friday, 8 March 2013

Selling Our House!

The next step was to put our house on the market and cross fingers that it sold very quickly! We were lucky that Bingara had a special promotion where they give you an extra 120 days to sell your home before you have to settle.
We put our house on the Market with Realty Group and set a date to launch the property on Monday 11th February.  The great news for us was that we sold our house on Saturday 23rd February!  Two weeks on the market is exactly what we needed.  It cooled off yesterday so now we feel that we can really celebrate.  It will be sad to say good bye to our house.  Lots of things have happened in this home and it was our first family home together but it will all be worth it when we are living in our beautiful new home!

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  1. Moving to a new house is mixture sadness and excitement. But change is fundamental part of life, and we can only adapt to it. Although, it's sad to sell and leave your old house behind, but you can only do so much as insuring you'll get the best out of it and to the next home we'll live in.
    → Kathleen @