Friday, 7 June 2013

The few weeks before convenant and council approval!

We are still at planning stage!!! STILL
We have signed the contract, although there were a few things we weren't happy with so were waiting for the variations to come back.  They came back last week but there are now more errors! Arrgghh.  We also got rejected by the mines subsidence board as our house was too wide.  We have now had to re-arrange the master bedroom so that it doesn't stick out the side and then we will be just under the maximum.  The new plans with the bedroom have been approved by mines subsidence.
- The fireplace provision has been put in the family room.  It is going to be so lovely!
- Double doors on the front now and I love them!  I think it will look really good :)
Meeting with our sales consultant on Sunday to go over the variation, note changes and sign it.   She has already told us that the changes wont slow us down as they aren't structural so we can still send to Bingara for approval next week.  Although, we have now decided to extend the outdoor area now that the bedroom has been flipped, to wrap around the games room.  So we will have to wait for the new plans now.  See the plans below:

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  1. Great plans! The wrap-around alfresco is a nice touch. All the hassle will be worth it in the end :)