Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Frustrating News

We got a little bit of frustrating news yesterday!  We decided to go to a private certifier for DA approval, as we have been told by many that they are quicker than councils.  We received an email yesterday, after it has been with a certifier for 2.5 weeks, that we are still going to have to get approval from council.  They explained that some houses can just get approval from the private certififier but for some reason ours can't! Of course! They don't know this until a planner has looked at it.  So cranky, what a waste of 2.5 weeks :(  Who knows how long the council is going to take!  They don't have a very good track record.
Oh well, at least we can save some more money for when we move in.
Keep your fingers crossed for me that the council are quick!


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