Thursday, 18 April 2013

Settlement and Update on Contract

Well today is very exciting for us because we settled on our land!! To make this day even more fantastic is that the block of land opposite us exchanged today and is now sold.  The reason why we are so excited by this is because behind that block of land (which is opposite our house) is an existing old white fibro house with about 6 horrible tin sheds.  We have been waiting for the land to sell opposite us so that they cover up the house and sheds!! lol

I also received an email from Haley at Coral Homes letting us know that our contract and plans are due to arrive in the office on 24th April (7 days and counting).  Once we have those plans we can finalise everything with the bank and start the process of approval from Bingara!  This stresses me a little too as this means we have probably a maximum of 3-4 weeks to choose all our colours and materials for the house..oh boy.  We have a pretty good idea for the external facade colours but the inside is proving difficult.  We are pretty sure on the colour of the caesarstone bench top and carpet and that is about it! We better head into the colour room this weekend to look again!

We are happily settled into our rental property also.  It is a 3 bedroom home and we actually feel quite cosy and at home here.  Christian has adapted with no problems at all :)

Hopefully there will be a post next Friday updating that we have the building contract!

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