Thursday, 4 April 2013


We have our fixed price tender! yay and happy to report that it wasn't much more than the quote at all!  Very Happy!
Of course, being me I have made a few more changes so we have to get another tender.  She is ordering the new tender to come with the contract as well other wise by the time we get a new tender and then send away for the contract we will have wasted lots of time!
Hopefully we will have the new tender in a couple of weeks and then we can get it into Bingara Gorge to sign off and then council....will keep you posted :)

Changes made:
* Have added a door to the other side of the study as we are going to make it a guest bedroom, so thought the door leading to the activity will be better for bathroom access.
* Portico has been extended 1.5metres to now fit the new extension ( extra entrance and garage over)  This makes the portico 4.4 metres :)
* The tender didn't have carpet in the activity room so confirmed that we are getting carpet in there.
*Changed the pantry door to a normal hinged door again

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